Abrasive and polymer technology

Abrasives and adhesives, nano technology, environmental friendly

Precision technology and processing technology

Precise coating, formulation, and clean production

Application technology

Performance test, process analysis, and service on site

About us

THS Enterprise Co., Ltdcurrently serves as the sole distributor of products from the American-based Nanolap® Technologies LLC in Asia.

Our agency, Nanolap Technologies LLC, produces and manufactures high-precision polishing products and offers products to customers in locations such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and other districts of Southeast Asia.

Our parent company offers a line of high precision coated abrasive products, with each item offering the highest quality grinding particles and strongest PET base material. In addition, their method of employing environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques that are pollution-free, combined with their use of high performance adhesives that are also environmentally friendly results in products that are manufactured according to RoHS standards of production. At the time, our marketing offices have high performance polishing products in stock that have already obtained SGS certification.

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